Пожалуйста, помогите. поставить глаголы в1 Present Simple : I [read] a book every day.2 Past Simple : Yesterday he [go] to the library.3 Future Simple

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Пожалуйста,помогите .поставить глаголы в
1 Present Simple : I [read] a book every day.
2 Past Simple : Yesterday he [go] to the library.
3 Future Simple: We [not,study] on Sunday.
4 Present Continuous : She [play] on the piano now.
5 Future Continuous : I [wait] for you when you come.
6 Past Continuous : This time yesterday they [watch]TV.
7 Present Perfect : We [ not, translate] this article yet.
8 Past Perfect : I [ read]this book before you came.
9 FUTURE PERFECT : My friend[come] by 6 o'clock tomorrow.

  • 1) I read a book every day.
    2) Yesterday he went to library
    3) We shall not study on Sunday.
    4) She is playing on the piano now.
    5) I shall be waiting for you when you come.
    6) This time yesterday they were watching TV.
    7) We have not translated this article yet.
    8) I had read this book before you came.
    9) My friend will have come by 6 o'clock tomorrow.
  • 1 Present Simple : I am read a book every day.
    2 Past Simple : Yesterday he went to the library.
    3 Future Simple: We will not study on Sunday.
    4 Present Continuous : She is playing on the piano now.
    5 Future Continuous : I shall be waiting for you when you come.
    6 Past Continuous : This time yesterday they were watching TV.
    7 Present Perfect : We have not translated this article yet.
    8 Past Perfect : I had read this book before you came.
    9 FUTURE PERFECT : My friend will have come by 6 o'clock tomorrow.

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