Пожалуйста очень срочно!! напишите текст на английском про воду!!!!!!

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Пожалуйста очень срочно!!)) напишите текст на английском про воду!!!!!!)))

  • Water is an ancient universal character of purity, fertility and a source of the life. In all known legends about an origin of the universe life came from first-born waters, the female character of the potentiality deprived of the form. The Genesis, describing world creation, uses very ancient image – revitalizing penetration of "God's spirit" to the world waters, figured (in the Judaic original) through a metaphor of a bird which hatches out egg.
    But at the same time water – the plodotvoryashchy man's seed cramming the earth "to give birth". This motive is characteristic, for example, for хананейско – a Phoenician image (Baal-Haddad's) Ball. The same symbolics is marked in Ancient Greek mythology where river deities appear as stallions and spouses of mortal women.
    Water also compared to wisdom. So in Daoism an image of water which finds a way to bypass of hindrances – the character of triumph of visible weakness over force. It represents energy to psychology unconscious both its mysterious depths and dangers. Tireless water – the Buddhist character of a rough flow of life. On the other hand, transparency of quiet water symbolizes contemplate perception.
    Conduit - both a life source, and great secret. 
    The human body approximately for 75% consists of water. It is considered that the brain consists of water for 85% and differs exceptional sensitivity to dehydration. The brain is permanently washed by salty spinal liquid.

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