Пожалуйста, очень срочно. Агабекян, “Английский для ссузов”.Нужно решить задание 1.9 полностью

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Пожалуйста, очень срочно.
Агабекян, "Английский для ссузов".
Нужно решить задание 1.9 полностью.

  • 1 What is your dad? or What's your dad's job? or What does your dad do?
    2 Those people, who know English, can read books in English.
    3 why have you come so early today?
    4 whom are you meeting today?
    5 when do you leave for work?
    6 those people, who like reading books, borrow them in libraries.
    7 Whose is the letter? - That's our letter.
    8 Who is that man? - That man is our teacher
    9 What are the books like? - these books are good
    10 which of the books ours? - all of them are yours.

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