Пожааалуйста:3вставьте предлоги вместо пропусков____________________________________about, by, for, in, of, over, to, withOctober 1st is international

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вставьте предлоги вместо пропусков


about, by, for, in, of, over, to, with

October 1st is international day for the elderly. It started (1)___ the 1990s, when the United Nations decided that older people a holiday. Now millions (2)___ people all (3)___ the world are involved (4)___ the celebrations every year, People celebrate the day (5) ___ organising parties and picnics (6) ___their grandparents or eldery relatives. It is a terrfic holiday (7) ___ show how much we care (8)___ them. It is also nice to provide them (9) ___ our support and love.

  • 1. in;
    2. of;
    3. in;
    4. in;
    5. by;
    6. with;
    7. for;
    8. about;
    9. in

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