Поставьте вопросы, начинающиеся с вопросительного слова, данного в скобках:1. He speaks English very well. How2. I studied history yesterday. When3. M

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Поставьте вопросы, начинающиеся с вопросительного слова, данного в скобках:
1. He speaks English very well. (How)
2. I studied history yesterday. (When)
3. My friend comes home late. (Why)
4. I will write you a letter. (What)
5. We play football at a stadium. (Where)
6. I read a very interesting book last week. (What book)
7. We worked in militia two years ago. (Where)
8. I will give you the book tomorrow. (What)
9. He asked me a lot of questions. (Whom)
10. The students go to school every day. (How often)
11. We will meet on Sunday. (When)
12. I was very busy on Wednesday. (Why)
13. He goes to school by bus. (How)
14. My friend makes a lot of mistakes. (How many)
15. I finished school last year. (When)
16. My friend served in the army in the Far East. (Where)
17. His parents work at the same factory. (Whose)
18. The teacher answered all our questions. (How many)
19. He is fond of folk music. (What kind of)

  • Точно не знаю, но:
    1) How he speaks English
    2) When I studied history
    4What i will write you
    3)Why my friend came home late
    5)Where we play football
    6)What  (interesting) book i ( you ) read last week
    7)Where we(you) worked two years ago
    8)What  book you (i) will give me(you) tomorrow
    10) How often the student go to school 
    Дальше не знаю. да и тут не особо уверен

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