Поставте предложения в отрицательную орму см. вложения

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Поставте предложения в отрицательную орму (см. вложения)

  • 1* I don't know these words.
    2* We didn't learn them last month.
    3* I didn't find this word in the dictionary.
    4* This word isn't long.
    5* I don't have a dictionary.
    6* I couldn't give it to you.
    7* I'm not learning the rule.
    8* I shall not study French next year.
    9* The wall isn't painted blue.
    10* The text wasn't typed.
    11* His method isn't being tested.

  • 1 don't know
    2 didn't learn
    3 didn't find
    4 isn't long
    5  don't have 
    6 coudn't
    7 I'm not
    8 shall not/ will no't (в соврем. англ. используется не shall  а will)
    9 isn't
    10 wasn't
    11 isn't being

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