Поставьте предложения в форму Present или PastPerfect , употребите страдательный залог. Переведите предложения: Образец: We have reserved accommodati

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 Поставьте предложения в форму Present или Past
Perfect , употребите страдательный залог. Переведите
: Образец
: We have reserved accommodation for Mr. Ivanov. - Accommodation for  Mr. Ivanov has been reserved.

1. I have not jet paid the bill.

2. Have they booked tickets to the theater?

3. The porter has not yet attended to the luggage.

4. Has their chemical equipment impressed you

5. We had seen the machine in operation before we
discussed the price.

  • The bill has not been paid yet.
    Have tickets to the theater been booked yet?
    The luggage has not been attended by the porter yet.
    Have you been impressed by their chemical equipment favorably?
    The machine in operation had been seen by us before we discussed the price.

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