Поставте пожалуйста во временах Past Simple или Present Continius.1I always to follow the prescribed treatment2Who to wait you for 3The doctor not to

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поставте пожалуйста во временах  Past Simple или Present Continius.
1)I always (to follow) the prescribed treatment
2)Who (to wait) you for 
3)The doctor (not to see) his patients yet/ Wait a little
4)Pneumonia (to give) serious complications
5)Where (to be) Dr.White?  He (to make) his daily round
6)This medicine (to give) serious complications
7)Respiration usuallu (to accelerate) on exertion
8)The doctor is busy. He (to admit) a patient
9)(to recover) the patient?
My friend (to be) in good health as he regularly (to go) in for sports

  • 1follow
    2 are waiting
    3 doesn't see
    4 gives
    5 is, is making
    7 accelerates
    8 is admitting
    9 ? может там еще какое то слово?
    10 are, goes

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