Поставить глаголы в Present Simpl.1. We usually to retell texts and to do tests at the lessons?2. Olga to be friendly and trendy.3. I not to like to r

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Поставить глаголы в Present Simpl.
1. We usually (to retell) texts and (to do) tests at the lessons?
2. Olga (to be) friendly and trendy.
3. I (not to like) to read horror stories about monsters when it (to be) rainy.
4. The pupils (to classify) a lot of words every day?
5. Marry (to advise) me to go to the cinema.

  • Retell, do
    Don't like , is

    Только я не поняла первый и четвертый это вопросы? Если так то

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