Помогите выбрать правильный вариант! a much, many, a lot of, some, any, no.1. How … time do wehave? a many, b more, c much, d a lot of 2. The

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Помогите выбрать правильный вариант!

a) much, many, a lot of, some, any, no.

1.       How … time do we

 a) many, b) more,
c) much, d) a lot of
     2.  There is … food in
the fridge.

 a) lot, b) a lot
of, c) a few, d) many  

3.We haven’t got …
magazines in French. We don’t sell them.

 a) some, b) no, c)
much, d) any

4. It’s hot in the
office. I’m going out for … fresh air.

 a) some, b) any, c)
no, d) many


b) There is (are)/Present Simple/Present

1.   … 20,000 students in this university.

        a) Are there, b)
There are, c) There is, d) –  
2. Nick … to France every year to visit his

a) is going, b) he
goes, c) go, d) goes
  3. When … have lunch?

 a) are you, b) you
are, c) do you, d) you
  4.I … outside the theatre right now.

 a) am standing, b)
standing, c) stand, d) is standing
  5. Please … to class on time. We start at 9:00.

 a) we come, b)
come, c) you’re coming, d) comes 
 6. – Do you like chips?

        – Yes, I … .

        a) am, b) do, c)
don’t, d) like
  7. What … these days?

        a) are you doing,
b) do you do, c) you are doing, d) you do
  8. Walk! … run!

   a) No, b) Not, c)
Don’t, d) You don’t

  • 1.  c) much


      2.  a
    lot of,


    3 any


    4.  a) some,




    1.   There are


     2. goes 


    3. c)
    do you


    4. a)
    am standing


    5. b)come

    6. b)


    are you doing,


    8. Don’t

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