Помогите вставить артикли 9 класс the, an, a1 ___ first night of ____ Sergei Prokofiev’s War and Peace is coming ___ next season at ___Bolshoi2___ bril

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Помогите вставить артикли  9 класс (the,an,a)
1) ___ first night of ____ Sergei Prokofiev's War and Peace is coming ___ next season at ___Bolshoi
2)___ brilliant conductor V.F Orchestra since 1974 and made it one of __ moscow' s best otchestras
3. ___ St Petersburg Quartet is going to tour ___ Europe __ next spring
4.S.R __ brilliant pianist and Irina.A, __ head of ___ Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, stsrted the musical.
5.___ E.P lyrics and dancing were different and striking
6. one of the most important rock events was______ Woodstock Music

7.___ Vishnevskayas Opera Centre is situated in Moscow in ___ Ostozhenka Street.It was founded by ___ brilliant opera singer  Gallina Vishnevskaya and __ outstanding cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich.
8.Mick Jagger ___ long-living rock star  thinks that rock is  more than just  music - it is a whole lifstyle.
9. ____ Notting Hill Carnival is famous  for Caribbean music and dancing.
10. ___ Glasgow Jazz Festival will offer outdoor events this time.

  • 1) the
    2) A , the 
    3) the next
    4) the head of
    6) a
    7) by a , the 
    8) the
    10) ничего

    не уверен вообще.

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