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  • 1) What a tasty apple!
    It's a tastest apple I've ever eaten!
    2)What a big tomato!
    It's a bigest tomato I've ever seen!
    3) What a funny story!
    It's the funniest story I've ever writen!
    4)What a bad coffee!
    It's the badest coffee I've ever bought!
    5)What a comfortable train!
    It's the comfortablest train I've ever seen!
    6)What a lazy pupil!
    He's the laziest pupil I've ever teach!
    7)What a fast car!
    It's the fastest car I've ever seen!
    8)What a fantastic trip!
    It's the fantasticest trip I've ever had!
    9)What a bad present!
    It's the badest present I've ever choosen!
    10)What a good song!
    It's a goodest song I've ever sang! 

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