Помогите, срочно надо, пожалуйстас заданиями 1,2,3,4Exercise1. Put questions to the italicized words.1.The man was reading a magazine when somebody kn

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помогите, срочно надо, пожалуйста
с заданиями 1,2,3,4
1. Put questions to the italicized words.

The man was reading a magazine when somebody knocked at the door. 2. He
was waiting for a bus. 3. The boy was skating. 4. The students
were dancing when I opened the door. 5. The girl was eating ice-cream
when we came in. G. She was looking after her little brother. 7. The
pupils were discussing a story. 8. The man was passing the theatre when
the clock struck ten. 9. It was snowing when we went out. 10. The
boy was running very fast.

2. Answer the following questions.

1. Were you watching television at ten o’clock last night? Did you like the
programme ?»2. Did you do your homework yesterday? Were you doing it the whole
evening? 3. What were the pupils doing when the teacher came into the
classroom?^. What was your mother doing when you came home yesterday?'5. Did it
rain yesterday? Was it raining when you went out?

3. Paraphrase the following sentences as in the model.

He intended to work there. — He was going to work here.

1. We intended to spend our holidays at a
camp, 2. She intended to visit the picture gallery. 3. I intended to call on
him on Sunday. 4. His son intended to enter an agricultural college. 5. His
brother intended to buy a car. 6. They intended to congratulate him. 7. We
intended to take a taxi. 8. They intended to send their son to Oxford. 9.
We intended to buy ice-cream for dessert. 10. I thought you intended to find и new job.

4. Translate into English.

Мы видели ее вчера. Она работала в саду 2.
Когда часы пробили двенадцать, мы все сидели за столом. 3. Где ты был в три
часа? Я звонил тебе, но никто не отвечал. — Я ремон­тировал
велосипед. 4. Когда я зашел s зал, Ольга играла на скрипке. 5. Что она делала, когда вы
пришли к ней? — Она убирала в комнате. 6. Когда я вышла из дома, шел
сильный дождь. 7. Что делал учитель, пока вы писали сочинение? 8.
Что делал ваш сын в девять часов вечера? — Читал какую- то книжку.
В такое время он всегда читает книжки, смот­рит телепередачи или
слушает радио. 9. Я видел тебя, когда ты бежал по улице. Куда ты спешил?
10. Мы возвращались домой поздно. Дождя не было, но дул сильный ветер.

  • Exercise4 . Translate into English.
    1.We saw her yesterday. She worked in the garden 2 .When the clock struck twelve, and we were all sitting at the table. 3 . Where were you threehours? I called you , but no one answered . - I repairs entedbicycle. 4 . When I walked s Hall , Olga played the violin. 5 . What was she doing when youcame to her ? - She cleaned the room. 6. When I left the house , walkedheavy rain. 7. What did the teacher while you were writing an essay ? 8.What did your son at nine o'clock in the evening ? - Read what- you book.At such times, he always reads books , watching TV orlistening to the radio . 9. I saw you when you were running down the street . Where are you in a hurry ?10 . We returned home late . It did not rain , but the strong wind was blowing .

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