Помогите составить диалог c вежливым обращением на английском языке со словами miss, mrs…СРОЧНОООО

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помогите составить диалог c вежливым обращением на английском языке со словами miss, mrs...СРОЧНОООО

  • Good morning, sir. 
    - Good morning. Come in, Mrs. Volkova. Please, take a seat. Tell me, how long you were in your last job with "Pine"? 
    - I worked for "Pine" for 6 years. 
    - Did you hold a good post there? 
    - I started as a courier but a few months later I filled the vacancy of shopassistant. I had been working as a shopassistant for 3 years when I was promoted from shopassistant to Supplies Manager. And I have worked as Supplies Manager for the last few years. 
    - And why did you leave your previous job? 
    - Well, first of all the job involved much travelling but I have small children to look after. So, my heart was breaking when I left my kids home. I used to go on business abroad and sometimes I was away from home for a few days. So, I decided to quit and now I am looking for the position of shopassistant.I find it more suitable. I won't have to leave home. Besides, I have enough experience to do the job. 
    - Well, you have excellent references from your previous job and wide-ranging experience in trade. You'll start on 10000 rub. and if you do well we''ll review it after the term of probation, which amounts to 3 months. Have you got any questions for me? 
    - What are the working hours? 
    - The hours are from 9 till 6 p.m. with an hour for lunch. Does it suit you? 
    - Yes, sure. When do you want me to start, sir? 
    - In a week, if possible. 
    - All right. 
    - Fill in the application form and get ready to start working in a week. It was nice meeting you. Goodbye. 
    - Thank you. Goodbye.

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