Помогите составить 15 предложений Perfect Tenses

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помогите составить 15 предложений Perfect Tenses

  • 1) She has just
    translated texts from English into Russian.
    2) We have already written tests.
    3) I have been reading different scientific articles for
    two weeks.
    4) They have been drawing many pictures at our Art lesson
    for two hours already.
    5) My classmates had already done sums when our teacher came.
    6) We have been jumping and running at our PE lessons (
    уроки физкультуры) for two weeks.
    7) You have already sung merry songs at our Music lesson.
    8) My friends and I have been watching educational film at our
    lesson for 20 minutes.
    9) We haven't relaxed at the breaks between our lessons.
    10) They haven't learnt a poem by heart at our
    Literature lesson yet.

    11) You have already brought your luggage.
    12) You have been carrying your luggage since 4 o'clock.

    13) We have
    discussed our plans by 10
    14) They
    hadn't discussed their plans by 10
    o'clock yesterday.

    15) You had sung merry songs by her coming

  • 1. Have you seen Luna?
    2. I haven't seen her.
    3. But I have heard her speech.
    4. I wish I had stayed at home.
    5. The children will have grown up, and the parents will move to a new house.
    6. He has done his homework.
    7. He has been walking with his friends today at 4 p.m..
    8. Have been doing your homework for several hours?
    9. I've been in the Zoo today.
    10. I have seen Justin Bieber several times there, but I still doubt it was him.
    11. He thought that Sarah had been to school today.
    12. He thought that Sarah had already done her homework by 5 p. m..
    13. I have just read it in the Daily Prophet.
    14. It has been such a fun day.
    15. Have you told her that she'd been invited to Slughorn's Christmas party?

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