Помогите сочинить предложения с cлавами ” Sometimes Usually

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помогите сочинить предложения с cлавами " Sometimes
                                                                     Hardly ever  

  • at the weekend we are usually go adroad. We often go shopping and buy many food.Hardly eve we buy sweets, because i have a sweets tooth.And sometimes i stay by car because i an tired. my mum seldom buy clothes for me, because i am grow up( рости). it is very offensive.
  • Sometimes I go to sleep very late.
    Usually I do my homework after 6 o'clock, but today I came home earlier, I'm going it now.
    Mary often has breakfast in Mc'Donalds.
    Mark eats vegetables really seldom.
    Lola is a bad student.She does her homework hardly ever.

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