Помогите со ставить предложения с выражениями:Its a lot of funid recommend it to anybodyim a shopaholici can shop till i dropim sorry for people whoit

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Помогите со ставить предложения с выражениями:
Its a lot of fun
id recommend it to anybody
im a shopaholic
i can shop till i drop
im sorry for people who
its not really my thing
its my favourite pastime
it cheers me up
it bores me to death

  • I love video gaming. It's a lot of fun.

    Kayaking is a very fun sport, I'd recommend it to everybody.

    Last weekend I got in our shopping mall at 11:00, and I left it at 19:00. I'm a shopaholic.

    I spent all my monthly allowance in one day, because I can shop till I drop.

    I'm sorry for people who don't appreciate a day spent outdoors, close to nature.

    Soliciting for something is not really my thing.

    Coming home and play with my sister is my favourite pastime.

    An hour spent with my close friends usually cheers me up.

    Doing my homework bores me to death.

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