Помогите сделать задание 7 классRob is looking ar his pictures of Moscow. But he forgot the names. Write the names of the places of interest. Write mor

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Помогите сделать задание (7 класс)
Rob is looking ar his pictures of Moscow.But he forgot the names. Write the names of the places of interest. Write more information about some of them if you can.

  • The red square, Pushkin museum, the Bolshoi theatre...
    Red Square - the main square in Moscow, located in the center of radial-circular layout of the city between Moscow Kremlin (to the west) and China Town (to the east). From the square to the banks of the Moscow River is receding Vasilevsky descent.
    The area is located along the north-eastern wall of the Kremlin, the Kremlin between travel, travel Resurrection Gate, St. Nicholas Street, Ilyinka Varvarka and Vasilevsky descent to the Kremlin embankment. Emerging from the area of ​​the street further branch out and pouring into the city's main thoroughfare leading to different parts of Russia.
    On the square are the place of execution, a monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the Lenin Mausoleum, next to which the Kremlin Wall Necropolis, where the figures are buried (mostly political and military) of the Soviet state [1] To the west of the square is the Moscow Kremlin, to east - Top (GUM) and the Middle Trading Rows, north - Historical Museum, and Kazan Cathedral, south - Saint Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral). The unique architectural ensemble of the square is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
    Area, cubed, is a pedestrian zone. Car traffic is prohibited on the area since 1974. Also there is an unofficial ban on travel by bicycle. The total length of the Red Square - 330 meters, width - 70 meters, the area of ​​23 100 m ².

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