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Помогите сделать текст на проект,заранее спасибо
На тему: My ambitions(моя цель)

  • Good day, my name is Christina. I study at school. I'm ...years old. Now i want to tell you about my ambitions. I like sport, music, games, reading books, but more then everything i like learning russian language. It's my native language, and i'm trying to improve it. At lessons i usually answer the questions, having the dictations, listening to the teacher. I think that everyone should know their own language, to properly construct sentences and speak intelligently. This year i decided - I'll take a part in all Russian olympiads and competitions. I want to know what i can, and i want to test my strength. Russian language - is a rich language. I love it, I think it's very beautiful and harmonious. Learning the language is a pleasure!

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