Помогите сделать перевод пожалуйста… хотя бы до 25#

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помогите сделать перевод пожалуйста... хотя бы до 25#

  • 1. I
    was still thinking of number of years that we had been working together and I had
    known actually so little about you. When they came to that place where he had
    lost a ring in the watercourse he stopped. 3. Do you like cooking? – I do. This
    is one of that my hobbies over the past years. Dad always called me Katie! 5.
    Let’s discuss this deal here, in the café.  There will be calling the phone right along.
    6. They are coming back – I guess they are going to settle down in the hotel
    this time. She locked herself and will not go downstairs, while they don’t go
    away. I saw that the moment I waited,  it
    had come. 9. Tell me what was going on while I was absence. 10.  I know all names who lives  in the village.  I am used to living here whole my life. 11. I
    was cooking lunch while she was cleaning the room. 12. They had not come home
    when the storm started. 13.  She turned
    away not early when he had seen her tears in the eyes. 14. I decided not to go
    to the exhibition. Im going to go to the library. 15.  How long time do you feel so? 16. I’ve almost
    never eaten as so as I have to, since had got here. 17. He will not come. I
    talked to him just now by phone. 18. Fillip had carried his bag to the wagon
    train and was smoking on the platform. 19. They have never danced together
    before.  20. The rain has been going and
    I don’t think it will have stopped before evening. 21.  I will have finished this interpretation by
    the end of the week. 22. Who opened Australia? 23. Barely he had opened the
    window and the gust scattered his papers on the floor.  24.  We
    will be sailing on the ship back to America this time of the next year. 25.  You are going too fast for me

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