Помогите с сочинением, на тему “лагерь моей мечты” например я хотел что бы мой лагерь был на необитаемом острове и т. д не много предложений 10-12 жела

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помогите с сочинением, на тему "лагерь моей мечты" например я хотел что бы мой лагерь был на необитаемом острове и т.д не много предложений 10-12 (желательно на английском) заранее спасибо

  • Together with the Internet Association camps www.camps.ru we conducted an unusual contest for fifth graders regional school. Contestants wrote a small essay on how they represent an ideal children's camp . Was the theme of the works - " The camp of my dreams ." Children were expected to talk about where it should be such a camp , who it must rest , which should be in the camp routine, what should be the counselors , as well as what should be in the camp program ( discipline and circles) .We received more than 100 works. Most children are not very demanding on the children's camp , and quite demanding for the camp program . Many girls are a quality children's rest in the " cozy cottages by the sea ," and a requirement to be a "library and climb at 11 am ." And the boys , on the contrary , want to bulk sports programs - football , swimming, etc.Most children are reflected in his writings a love of nature - many want to close the camp was a forest , " where a lot of animals," and in which " you can pick mushrooms ."Few of their children expressed a desire to visit the camp to learn foreign languages ​​, most inclined to rest or beach , or sports .

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