Помогите с отличным переводом !!!Hobbits didn’t live in houses, they lived in holes. The hobbit lived in a hole in the mountain. It was not a bed, unc

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Помогите с отличным переводом !!!
Hobbits didn't live in houses, they lived in holes. The hobbit lived in a hole in the mountain. It was not a bed, uncomfortable hole,not a hole with nothing to sit on or to eat on. It was a hobbit hole and hobbit loved comfort. The hole had a round door. The door opened to a room like a tunnel: a very comfortable room. There were carpets on the floor; there were comfortable chairs and a place for hats and jackets. There were a lot of little doors in the room. There were no upstairs: bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes (he had whole rooms for clothes), kitchens, dining rooms, all were on the same floor. The best rooms were all on the left. only these rooms had windows.

  • Хоббиты не жили в домах, они жили в норах. Хоббиты жили в норе, на горе. Они жили без кроватей, не комфортных норах, они не могли сидеть и кушать.Это было дом для Хоббитов, они его очень любили, для них это было комфортно.Норы имели двери. Когда открывалась дверь, было похожо на тунель, 

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