Помогите с домашкой To – name of hotel, bed &br

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Помогите с домашкой                                                                                                          To- (name of hotel,bed &breakfast or hostel)                                                                           From-yyour name)                                                                                                                  Date-(todey s date)                                                                                                                Subject-Reservation                                                                                                              I would like to book (number of rooms and types of room,e.g.single or double) for (number of nights) from (date) to (date).Could you answer the following  questions for me? (Ask two or three questions about the price,the room facilities,e.g.shower,TV,the breakfast,the distance from the station or city centre,etc)                                                         Yours,(your name)

  • To Raddison Blu Hotel
    From *name*
    The 6th of November
    I would like to book a single room for two nights from 10.11 to 12.11.Could you answer the following questions for me?How much it will cost?Is there a wifi connection in the hotel?How much time it takes to get from your hotel to the station?
     Yours, *name*          

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