Помогите с английским языком Activity Book 7 класс Unit 3,Lesson 8 Test yourself, 1

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Помогите с английским языком Activity Book 7 класс Unit 3 ,Lesson 8 Test yourself, 1

  • There was time when on the earth to us there lived ancient people. They for themselves opened for the first time meaning of the life and understood how it is possible to improve it. But it was their time, and it already passed, and together with time, their ashes evaporated, but what passed from father to son - traditions remained.

    Traditions unite religions, the people, the countries.       
      The person – the son of the time and the country, feeling of the Homeland always inseparably with feeling of history. Traditions can unite not only the countries, religions, the people, but also family members. At each family the traditions.
    My family also has traditions which we observe. For example, we with a family go every Easter to church, to celebrate light Christ's Sunday.
     The ninth of May for us also very big holiday.  This day hundreds thousands people won against enemies of the Great Patriotic War, but, unfortunately, there were many victims.  If they, we now wouldn't be. 
    But except holidays in each family also there has to be a mutual understanding, respect for adults, mutual respect, besides it is necessary to listen to councils of adults as they have more experience in life, than young generation, however, as well as in my family.
      It is also necessary to emphasize that each person has to have the personal opinion and arrive as prompts it his heart.
    And finally I would like to tell that traditions are wealth for each people!

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