Помогите с 10- ым плиззззз

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помогите с 10- ым плиззззз

  • 1. are you a family of four? Yes we are, we are a family of four.
    2. What relatives
    have you got? I have got a mother, a father, a sister, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 5 cousins and grandparents.
    3. which of them likes to play with you? My grandparents like to play with me.
    4. Does your father play with you? Yes he does. Sometimes my father plays with me.
    5. Is  your father a
    busy man? Yes he is, my father is a very busy man.
    6. Is your mother a busy woman? Yes she is, my mother is a busy woman.
    7. What do your parents say when
    they don't have time to play with you?

    They usually say, that they are very tired to play with me.

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