Помогите – Put the verbs in the Present Simple or Present Continuous. Dear Melanie

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помогите- Put the verbs in the Present Simple or  Present  Continuous.                                      Dear Melanie,                                                                                                                                             I (1) (stay) in Scotland with my uncle and aunt. I (2)...(have) a good time but the weather  isn t very good..It (3)...(not/rain) at the moment,but it (4)...(rain) nearly every day.My aunt Liz is a doctor.She (5)...(start) work very early in the morning and (6)...(get) home late.My uncle Andy is a musician.He (7)...(write) music for films .His studio is in the house and he  (8)...(do) all his work at home.Liz (9)...(not/do) any housework.Andy always (10)...(buy) all the food and (11)...(cook) the meals.Right now  he (12)...(make) three pizzas and a chocolate cake.We all (13)...(eat) a lot in this house.I (14)...(not/help) him in the kitchen today because   he (15)...(not/want) any help.I (16)...(sit) at the kitchen table and I (17)...(drink) a nice cup of hot chocolate.                                                                     (18)...(you/read) all those biology books for next term? (19)...(your brother/work) hard for his exams? What  (20)...(you/think) of Celia,s new boyfriend

  • Stay, have, isn't raining, rainy, starts, gets,writes,does, doesn't do, buys, cooks, is making, eat, don't help, doesn't want, am sitting, am drinking, Do you read, Does your brother work, do you think

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