Помогите пожауйстаlook into barbara’s diary. say what she is going to do next weekMonday – give a call to Mr. Golovin at 10 p. mTuesday – buy a present fo

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помогите пожауйста
look into barbara's diary. say what she is going to do next week


-give a call to Mr.Golovin at 10 p.m


-buy a present for Granny


-write a letter to my Russian students


-speak to Mr. Wooding


-go to a school party




-visit Granny on her birthday

  • Barbara on Monday at 10.00 pm will call to Mr.Golovin
    Barbara on Tuesday  want to buy a present for Granny
    Barbara on Wednesday should write a letter to her Russian students
    Barbara on Thursday is going to speak to Mr. Wooding
    Barbara on Friday go to a school party
    Barbara on Saturday will be sleeping!
    on Sunday visiting Granny on her birthday

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