Помогите пожалуста решить 63 и 64 !!! срочно надо

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помогите пожалуста решить 63 и 64 !!!) срочно надо

  • 1. the busiest man I have ever met

    2. the most difficult poem I have ever read

    3. the most interesting puzzle I have ever seen

    4. the oldest tree I have ever seen

    5. the cleverest hamster I have ever had

    6. the fastest bike I have ever bought

    7. the longest composition I have ever written

    8. the most exciting book I have ever translated

    9.the best soup I have ever cooked

    10. the most interesting museum I have ever visited. 


    have not they

    2.      have they

    3.      do they

    4.      didn`t they

    5.      is doing, the, is cooking something

    6.      were

    7.      is

    the worst, have ever

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