Помогите пожалуйсто! Написать рассказ на английском языкеможно и сказку слов 80-100

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Помогите пожалуйсто! Написать рассказ на английском языке(можно и сказку) слов 80-100

  • My parents got married in 1983 when the Soviet Union still existed. As you know, at Soviet Union times almost all young couples were given flats free of charge, which looked absolutely similar. The same happened to my parents. They were given a three-roomed flat in one of the sleeping quarters of our town.  But my mother tried to make our flat unlike the others.
    are three rooms, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and two
    balconies in my flat. When you enter my flat, you appear in a long hall
    where you can find a set of wardrobes and a big mirror.
    On the right hand there is a kitchen. Our kitchen is not very big but it is very cozy. There you can find all the appliances you need in a modern kitchen. There is a fridge, a gas cooker, a microwave oven, a food processor, a mixer, a coffee maker
    and so on. Also there is modern furniture, a kitchen table and four
    chairs. The walls are decorated with embroidered pictures. There is a
    big window in the kitchen and that’s why this room is always full of
    sunlight. My family likes to spend time in the kitchen because it is the
    warmest and the most comfortable place in my flat.
    Going along the hall, you will enter a living room
    (also on the right hand). This room is my father’s favourite. He likes
    to have a rest there, lying on the sofa and watching TV. There is a set
    of wardrobes and bookcases on the right side of the room. On the left side there is a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table between them. Also there is a big TV set in front of the sofa. There is a big window and a balcony in this room. My mother likes plants very much and that’s why this room and the balcony are full of plants.
    Next to the living-room you can find a children’s room.
    It used to be my sister’s and my room but as my sister lives
    separately, this room is mine now. This is the smallest room in the flat
    but it doesn’t diminish its advantages. There is a wardrobe, a sofa, a bookcase, a desk with a computer on it and a dressing table. There is a fluffy carpet on the floor. There are posters on the walls and pot plants on the windowsill.
    Our bathroom is painted in green colours. Our bathtub and a wash basin are yellow. Our towels and bathrobes are of different colours, the rug is blue, so that’s why when you enter this room you have an impression that you are inside a rainbow.
    The toilet-room is really very small. There is nothing except a toilet and a small cabinet next to it.
    let’s move to the last room in my flat. It is at the end of the hall on
    your left hand. This is my parents’ room. There is a double-bed, two bedside cabinets and a big wardrobe in this room. It is painted in warm colours and it is always a pleasure to rest there, reading a book or watching TV, which is on the wall. There is the second balcony in this room.
    As they say, “My home is my castle”. So my home is a real castle for me and I don’t want to have another one.

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