Помогите пожалуйста. Задание : Open the brackets 1. Moscow is one of beautiful cities in the world. 2. Come close I can’t see you well. 3

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Помогите пожалуйста. Задание : Open the brackets


1.      Moscow is one of (beautiful) cities in the world.


2.      Come (close) I can’t see you well.


3.      This car is (bad) than that one.


4.      Living in the center of the city is (comfortable) than living in the suburbs. 

5.  I have (many) English books than you.


1.      We always (to wear) light clothes in summer.

2.      She (to spend) a lot of time on the beach last July.

3.      They already (to cut) the grass in the field.

4.      Howard (to paint) his country now.

5.      I (to put) on my new dress tomorrow.

  • 1. the most beautiful
    2. more closer
    3. worse
    4. more comfortable
    5. more

    1.should always  wear
    3.have cut
    4.is painting
    5.will put

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