Помогите пожалуйста. задание C. Задание во вкладках. Заранее спасибо!

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Помогите пожалуйста.задание C. Задание во вкладках. Заранее спасибо!

  • The "Black Coffee" rock group concert was held in The Top Market in Saltborrow on Sunday. Crowds of young people from the neighbouring Univer City came to see it. Half the tickets were free, so the young people occupied every square inch of available space. The "Black Coffee" has been famous in my country since their concert in 1999. They play hard rock, enjoy wider and wider popularity and produce top hits for a relatively wide audience.The concert that began at 9 pm was a special show intended to present their new "Robusta" album, although the audience wanted them to play their old, good songs called "Evergreens." At the very start, they introduced their new singer who presented several selected songs from their singles, which they are going to mix into the new selection. The audience was impressed with his vocal abilities that would be good enough for an opera singer. They applauded enthusiastically and everybody knew that the new vocalist was a good choice. There was a microphone defect at the very beginning, but the technical team put everything right in a few minutes. The plain-air setting was the best scenery for such an event. The stage was brilliantly lit and the picture was projected for those who could not come close enough to see the performance. There were fantastic laser light effects perfectly matched to the music, which made the concert an unforgettable experience.The fans reacted to the new songs at once and spontaneously. They started dancing and singing with the band and the Top Market became an open-air dancing floor. Several girls climbed the stage and kissed the singer who tried to say something in our language, but due to his funny accent a warm greeting turned into a politically incorrect joke. Nevertheless, the audience responded with enthusiasm. Then the girls that had climbed the stage started singing the most popular song of "Black Coffee" "Money 4 Nothing and Nothing 4 Money" and when the vocalist joined the choir, the whole audience started singing together. This little disorder was followed by the second part of the concert, which was a revision of all the "Black Coffee" hits, some of them several years old. Their title "Evergreens" was true, as they were really fresh.The fans leaving the concert were happy to have arrived and taken part in it. "Black Coffee" was successful again and everybody thought that the next concert would be still more interesting. They play really good music for everyone and they really deserve good publicity.

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