Помогите пожалуйста расскрыть скобкиColumbus didn’t knowthat he discover AmericaI already readfiveEnglish books. My friend just ringme up from LondonBy

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помогите пожалуйста расскрыть скобки
Columbus didn't know
that he (discover) America

I already (read)five
English books.

My friend just (ring)
me up from London

By ten o'clock
yesterday the children (finish) their homework and at ten o'clock they (watch)

They never (play) this game

She (read) an English
book the whole evening yesterday

I suddenly (remember)
that I (forget) my English exercise book

My sister (spend) a lot
of money yesterday.

Look! What beautiful
flowers she (buy)

Don't enter Nick's room!
He (work)

They (eat) all the
apples which I (bring)

What you (do) at 5 p.m

Mike (eat) ice cream
every day

Let's go for a walk.
The rain (stop) and the sun (shine)

She is so upset: she
(lose) the key to the front door.

I always (get) up at 7
a.m., but tomorrow I (get)  a little later

We (not see) each other
for ages

He (discuss) the
problem with a lot of people before he (take) a decision

I (lbreak) my leg when
I (play) in the yard yesterday

Our grandmother (cook)
dinner from twelve till three yesterday

  • discovered
    have already read
    has just rung
    had finished, were watching
    have never played
    remembered, had forgotten
    has bought
    is working
    have eaten, brought
    were you doing
    has stopped , is shining
    has lost
    get, will get up
    have not seen
    had discussed, took
    broke, was playing
    was cooking

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