Помогите пожалуйста правильно ответить на вопросы1. Are you fond of reading?2. What books do you prefer to read?3. What books do you read and study in

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Помогите пожалуйста правильно ответить на вопросы)
1. Are you fond of reading?
2. What books do you prefer to read?
3. What books do you read and study in your literature class?
4. What books have you read in English?
5. Is it difficult for you to read books in English?
6. What Ukrainian and foreign classics have you read?
7. Which English and American writers do you know?
8. Is there a book that you've read several times?
9. Do people make you read books?
10. Do you put aside a book that seems dull to you?
11. Do you always read a book to the end?
12. Can you name a book which you read from the very beginning to the end (from cover to cover) without putting it down?
13. Who is your favourite writer?
14. What do you like in your favourite book characters?
15. What can we learn from different kinds of books?

  • 1 Yes , I love to read, because reading exercises the mind  2 I like to read different genres of literature, but more like science fiction . 3  Я не знаю в каком ты классе и какую литературу вы проходите , поэтому не могу ответить .  4 I'm not reading the books in English.   5 It's hard for me to read books in English .   6 не знаю как..          7 I know of such famous writers as: Cassandra Clare, Stephen king. On their books removed famous movies .8 На этот вопрос я не могу ответить так как не знаю что вы любите читать ... и что читали .. 9 -     10 Yes , I'll lay aside the boring book             11 If the book from the very beginning are interested in, then I дочитываю to the end . 12 «The tale of bygone years» , the poem «Iliad» and «Odyssey» .These works were studied completely.   13 Я не знаю какой ваш любимый писатель , но на всякий случай My favorite writer Cassandra Clare. I like her wonderful work: Tools of death: City of bones   14 In heroes of the works I like their courage, , soulful beauty and sense of humor   15 From books I can to learn to be good
  • смотри , тут все очень легко , если тебе задается вопрос например:Are you fond of reading? ну начинается Are/Is , то надо ответить так:Yes/No,I/he/she/it am/is, а если вопрас например: What books do you prefer to read? (какие книги вы предпочитаете читать) , то отвечать надо просто  I like Comedy and adventure books(мне нравятся юмористические и приключенческие книги) , то есть полным предложением.

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