Помогите пожалуйста! нужно составить сочинения о Дне победы на английский

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помогите пожалуйста!
нужно  составить сочинения о Дне победы на английский 

  •                                         Victory Day !

    Great holiday - Victory Day ! Tears of joy greeted her soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, as well meet that day and we, their descendants . It is terrible to imagine how much had to go through every fight. Now more and more are the words that should be regarded as heroes who fought all . And they themselves , the participants in those events , more reserved about their actions. Went to war because they thought it their duty , for honor honored to participate in the defense of the homeland . They knew that if they do not, then who is ? It later descendants have erected monuments , wrote thousands of historic and artistic works . And the defenders , going to the front, did not speak loud phrases . They knew only the word " necessary". Their fathers and grandfathers fought for the Soviets , and they had to defend the very right to life, freedom to exist on earth. It's sad to see now frail elderly, reminiscing their glorious youth, weeping for the dead comrades. I mean, how short and fragile human life is , and how much can still make a person - to give his name to the happiness of others. We must not forget them, defended the freedom and independence of peoples. But not only remember , but to be worthy of their feat , to prevent a recurrence , is modern war.It is this dream fighters Second World War, they dreamed that she was the last war . But how to do it ? Is this possible? Yes, if you combine all the forces of good in the world. This is not a pity to spend a life , giving peace to the world .

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