ПОМОГИТЕ пожалуйста!!!!!!! напишіть будь ласка твір 10-12напишіть будь ласка твір 10-12 речень на англійській мові на одну з трьох тем:”Television a

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ПОМОГИТЕ пожалуйста!!!!!!! 
напишіть будь ласка  твір 10-12напишіть будь ласка  твір 10-12 речень на англійській мові на одну з трьох тем:
"Television and computer games will soon lead to disappearing of books."
"People don`t need sport to live happily."
"There is no ideal school in the world."
ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, очень-очень надо!!!!!

  • It is said that the first real acquaintance with the book people always happens accidentally , in spite of the fact that in the house where he grew up , perhaps there is a lot of books . It happened to me. My parents have a big library at home , but the book that introduced me to the world of fiction, came into my hands by accident. I would say , even against my will. Parents raised me in respect to books , but I have it and did not appear. I loved the cut out of cardboard and glue all sorts of figures are any composition. Once I have something glued together and used as the press first caught the eye of a thick book. When parents have noticed it , they scolded me and made a book to put in place. I casually put the book on the shelf flat . My father insisted that I put it as it should be - in the overall series . I decided that I simply scoff at me and pouted . Then my father told me that if I knew that this book is written , I would have behaved quite differently . Fortunately , I was curious. Yes, the father added fuel to the fire by saying that if I was stranded on a desert island and I came across any book , it would have become dearer to me than anything in the world . That's the unpretentious way I discovered a book by Mikhail Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" .At first reading I caught it just colorful pictures of action and fantastic moments . Then I reread it several times. Finally opened in Bulgakov's novel is something profound , personal and even intimate for ' his soul. Now, when I talk about Bulgakov and his works , one can not help talking about myself . Of Russian writers , he is the closest to me and accompany me all my life.I always remember feeling an acute self-pity - as when parting with a very close friend when I turned the final page of the novel " The Master and Margarita" . I think Bulgakov his works recreated their lives in dreams and reality. His fate as a writer was tragic . But this guilt, I believe it is not society in general, and writer inconsonant Soviet era. Bulgakov could not and did not want to become a " Soviet" writer. This is a profoundly moral act of a man , an act worthy of imitation. His work is still small , I try to solve the problem in the key of my favorite writer . Patience and courage you can also learn from Bulgakov. Recall how the writer ends his work , " The Life of Monsieur de Moliere ": " And I , who never destined to see him, send him my farewell ! " These words of the writer as to tell them about myself , about the writer , describing it as " patiently and enthusiastically wrote all his life - and for the most part in the" table " , sometimes, however , not withstanding , destroying the manuscript , just like his literary hero , a master in a strict cap , driven into a madhouse concerted efforts of critics. critics s ... "The writer Bulgakov his life and work proved to me that the cause to which people dedicate their lives , there is a higher dimension than his personality. His business life is in the realm of ideas and spirit. The book is a talented writer can help to find harmony in life to many of its readers. Before meeting with a deep book, I believe life does not make much sense. Against the background of the artistic experience of the book , sunken into his soul , a man begins to make sense of their lives seriously . The writer seems to be saying to the reader : " You are born on earth to fulfill his destiny ."So, my reading of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov 's "Master and Margarita" once aroused in me a desire to look even deeper meaning in our society . I have read to date, almost all of Bulgakov and continue to enjoy reading other books . While the dominance of the media can not affect my love.

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