Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение по английскому, на тему о субкультуре готов

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помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение по английскому, на тему о субкультуре готов

  • The concept of " subculture " has appeared recently : it is in today's society, where everyone can realize their potential as he wants , when there are hardly any restrictions on self-expression , to express their opinion and realize their creative energy, it is now becoming visible subculture feature of any society in many countries of the world. Also this phenomenon , except that predisposes dusty objective eye view of sociologists , is no less emotional reactions - a move hobbies and approval until a sharp categorical condemnation. Of course , the uniqueness of thought can not be here , and time has shown that it is hardly possible sided evaluation of some social phenomenon. However, the question of interest to many subcultures . Subculture - is the kind of education within society, which does not contradict the basic values ​​of the dominant culture, and in some way complements or transforms them , ie in their own accents . So scientists think . But , thinking about subcultures , from a scientific approach to me the only remains that the quote " close to the text of " scientific definition and throw himself into his own pilgrimage - unscientific - observations and comments. Subcultures can be based on many - a musical hobbies, for example. Can unite adherents of a particular political system or a social ideology. Most often, the representatives of the subculture become teenagers . This is understandable: they want to feel the support of like-minded people , make new friends , do not feel lonely in their views , experiences and interests . In my understanding, a subculture is a very positive social phenomenon . But as you know , every coin has a flip side . Sometimes I think that becoming a supporter of a certain group of people like stop , preserved in its development : they are no longer looking for , do not change, and staying within the thoughts and beliefs comrades. Miraculously, when a man finds his own mind , its own inherent only to him, outlook on life, but this is not common. I believe that among the subcultures so almost never happens. It was possible , giving proper own passion , still remain a neutral party : becoming an active member of the group , a person not only find like-minded friends and relatives (although not guaranteed , even as you're lucky) , and moving away from other people , from other " philosophies ."
  • The expression of emotions - the main rule for got. They are distinguished: self-expression, the confrontation of injustice, special, sensual attitude. Often emo - vulnerable and depressed person.
    There is a stereotype of whiny emo as a man and a woman.
    Despite the fact that the emo-core emerged and developed as a variant of punk rock, values of these sub-cultures are quite different.  In contrast to classic punk, emo features an emphasis on romance and sublime love. Emo more attention paid to the profound personal experiences than on social events.  The emo culture totally devoid of aggressive machismo typical of hardcore - the direct ancestor of emo. 
    Emo is often compared to the gothic subculture, usually causing a protest at the "ready", and at the emo kidov, although some agree that among these sub-cultures have a certain relationship. Some researchers have suggested subculture that emo exposed greater risk of suicide than the "goths". According to Graham Martin, editor of the Australian magazine on mental health:

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