Помогите пожалуйста написать не большое по вопросам сочинение “как я провел осенние каникулы”1where did you spend your holidays?2what was the weather

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помогите пожалуйста написать не большое по вопросам сочинение "как я провел осенние каникулы"
1)where did you spend your holidays?
2)what was the weather like?
3)what did you do? (4 предложения)
4)did you like holidays?

  • Their autumn holidays I spent with friends in the yard. The weather was wonderful. I love
    and its beautiful scenery. I was walking with friends in the park, we told each other funny stories. I loved the holidays, but they were few.
  • I spent my summer holidays in Paris. The weather was nice and pleasant. I visited art exhibitions, fed birds and ate in local restaurants. I also met a lot of interesting people and found new friends. I made a lot of photos and notes to my notebook about Paris. I liked my summer holidays very much.

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