ПОМОГИТЕ, ПОСТАВЬТЕ СТЕПЕНИ СРАВНЕНИЯ В НУЖНУЮ ФОРМУ.1 – It Manchesterтакой же красивый какLondon? – No, certainly not. London is a более красивый cit

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ПОМОГИТЕ, ПОСТАВЬТЕ СТЕПЕНИ СРАВНЕНИЯ В НУЖНУЮ ФОРМУ.1) - It Manchester(такой же красивый как)London?   - No,certainly not.London is a (более красивый) city. It's one of the (beautiful) cities in England.   2)This film is (bad) than I saw last week.Actually it's (bad)film I've seen lately. 3) This sentence is (difficult) than the first one.  4)Ruth's hair is (long and beautiful) than Kate's.  5) The cat is much (happy) in her home. It is much (comfortable)than the old one.

  • 1. as nice as
    2. nicer
    3. most beautiful
    4. worse
    5. the worst
    6. more difficult
    7. longer and more beautiful
    8. happiest
    9. more comfortable

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