Помогите по домашке

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помогите по домашке

  • 1. I always have a great longing for home when I am far away.

    2.  It is not love, it is only a passing infatuation with a rock-star.

    3.  He said that his feelings for her were" totally platonic, he had no sexual desire for her.

    4. It is very important for everybody to develop their abilities and character fully, in other words, to find personal fulfilment.

    5. He has too high self-esteem, he thinks he is the best.

    6.  What are the dimensions of this room?

    7. I like the intimacy and warmth of small cafes.

    8. We are looking for someone with a real sense of commitment to the job.

    9. Don't regret any moment of your life! It is so beautiful!

    10.  She didn't have any more money to pay for her hotel, but the administrator was compassionate for her and he allowed her to stay 2 more weeks.

    11. Children are nurtured by loving parents.

    12. Sometimes it is difficult to to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

  • 1. longing 11
    2. infatuation 6
    3. platonic 1
    4. fulfilment  2
    5. self-esteem 8
    6. dimensions 5
    7. intimacy 4
    8. commitment 10
    9. regret 9
    10. compassionate 7
    11. nurtured 3
    12, distinguish 12

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