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Помогите по быстрее написать.

  •  How I play voleboll . I love this sport .Here are the instructions for the game : The team can consist of a maximum of 12 players , one coach , assistant coach , trainer and one doctor .THE goal is to send the ball over the net, that it touches the opponent's court , and to prevent such attempts of the enemy. For this the team has three touch of the ball ( and another possible additional touch of the ball on the block ) . The ball is put into play feeding : feeding the player hits the ball hit the side of the enemy. The drawing for each ball goes to his landing on the square, issue or error of the command .IN volleyball team winning a rally scores a point (system " each drawing - point "). When a team wins a rally, she gets a point and the right to serve, and its players move one position clockwise.

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