Помогите плизз прошу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!complete the text. use:use: friday, homework, english, heart , learn, do, questions, into, timetable. Loo

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Помогите плизз прошу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

complete the text. use:

use: friday, homework, english, heart , learn, do, questions, into,timetable.

Look at our timetable. We have got Enqlish on monday Wednesday and ...  in enqlish lessons we ... new words translate from russian .... english ask and answer a lot of .... sing songs and learn poems by ... I enjoy learning .... but i don't like to ... homework. On Fridays theere is no ....  i like English on Friday. 

  • friday,learn,into,questions,heart,english,do,homework ....вроде так с:

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