Помогите плиз!!1 очень прошу

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помогите плиз!!1 очень прошу 

  • Упр1 Это только то что на месте пропусков надо вставить
    2. A:Is there...
    B: yes, there is
    3. A: Are there...
    B: No there isn't
    4. A: Are there...
    B: No, there isn't
    5. A: Are there...
    B: yes, there are
    6. A: Is there...
    B: No there isn't

    упр 2
    1.There are some chairs in the kitchen
    2. There is a mirror in the bathroom
    3. There are some books on the table
    4. There is an armchair in the living room
    5. There aren't any cupboards in the bedroom
    6. There isn't a window in the kitchen

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