Помогите очень нужно…Упражнение 3. Поставьте глаголы в скобках согласно правилу согласования времен. A:1. Не says that he want to be an engineer. 2

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помогите очень нужно...Упражнение 3. Поставьте глаголы в скобках согласно правилу согласования времен.

1. Не says that he (want) to be an engineer. 
2. He thinks that he (see) a new device already. 
3. He knows that he (lose) his watch yesterday. 
4. He says that he (help) with work next week. 
5. He said that he (know) him. 
6. He understood that the speaker (be) in London recently. 
7. He said that he (think) about it later. 
8. He asked what they (want) to do. 
9. They asked when we (come) to see him. 
10. He asked if I (can) stay with them. 
11. The teacher wanted to know whether I (be) good at maths. 
12. The professor wanted to know whether I (take) part in our conference the week before. 
13. My friend wanted to know whether I (go) to the library next Saturday. 
14. He asked which book she (read) at that moment.

1. The engineer was told that he (may) test the device in the afternoon. 
2. It was known that the head of our laboratory (be) a graduate of Moscow University. 
3. They thought that she (graduate) from a technical institute. 
4. Our professor informed us that he (give) the following lecture on quantum mechanics on Monday. 
5. At the meeting it was said that our lecturer (work) at a new programme of laboratory work. 
6. The teacher told us that the term «engineering» (have) many Russian equivalents. 
7. The chief engineer believed that we (work) at that problem for a month the following summer.

  • 1. Wanted2.sow3.losed4.helped5 .knew6was7thought8wanted9came11were12took13want14read

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