Помогите нужно составить сообщение про семью на английском 25 предложений и чтоб в этом тексте были глаголы

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помогите  нужно составить сообщение про семью на английском 25 предложений и чтоб в этом тексте были глаголы

  • Belonging to a family is one bond almost everyone in the world shares. But familypatterns vary from home to home, from country to country. What is a family? People whoare closely related? To my mind there is no exact difinition, what the family is. It is definitely a phenomenon, centemented by blood, which is thicker than water. There are some kinds of families: one-parent or extended families. I have the last one.My family consits of a father, a mother, a younger brother, and me, of course. I am happy to have two-parent family. Firstly I’d like to describe my parents. The head and the main supporter of our family is my father. He is 50. He is a businessman and works with IT technologies. Generally speaking I take after my mother but I have much similar in character with my father. He is hard-working, always tries to achieve the aims he sets. He never loses his sense of humour. His free time is devoted to his children and his wife. My mother is 48. She is a teacher by profession. But she stays out of work. She keeps the house. She is interested in psychology. She is a very attractive, sociable woman. She takes care of her appearance, often does sport and she is in good shape. My younger brother is only 8. He studies at school. He is rather tall and likes to play basketball. We hope he will be a famous sportsman. Of course, I have two grandmothers and a grandfather. I love them very much and try to visit them as often as I can.I’d like to add some words about my view of  marriage. Marriages are said to be made in heaven. I want to start my own family life with love. It is not enough, I know. Husband and wife should understand each other, support in difficult situations, share financial and other problems. Today young people prefer to divorce than to decide problems. But I think that a family is one of the most important things that all of us should value. I am happy to have such people as my parents in my life. I can always rely on my family, ask them for support and help. They will never betray me.

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