Помогите! нужно объяснить почему стоят именно такие артиклиони подчеркнуты What is happening to our weather? Although most of us say we love the hot we

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Помогите! нужно объяснить почему стоят именно такие артикли(они подчеркнуты) 

What is happening to our weather?

Although most of us say we love the hot weather, 1 wonder if we would feel the same if every day was the same with predictable sunshine and heat. Never having lived in a hot country for more than a few weeks I am not sure what my_ opinion would be. Maybe I would miss the rain? There is something about _ freshness that is in the air after a summer rainfall. When I was younger 1 was scared of a thunder and my mum used to tell me it was only God moving his furniture around! To pass the time we counted between_lightning flashes and thunder, the number we got to was supposed to be the number of miles away we were from the storm.

It is shame that today we don't have those heavy snowfalls, these should be part of everyone's childhood! Sledging down the nearest slope until your fingers feel as though they will drop off was all part of fun! These days with the first flurries of snow we are given weather warnings and told not to go out unless our journey is "essential". There is an outcry if schools are closed, but is the journey to school "essential" in such weather conditions? A debatable point! I remember having to struggle through deep snow to get to_school, but as it was only a short distance from home and the teachers all lived locally, that was no problem. Nowadays it is somewhat different. Our seasons seem to have disappeared — or have they merged into each other?

  • Артикль "the" ставится
    Определённый артикль употребляется:1.Когда речь идёт об определённом лице или предмете.Where is the pen? Где ручка? (известная нам)2.Перед существительным, если ему предшествует прилагательное в превосходной степени или порядковое числительное.What is the longest river in the world? He was the first to come.3.Перед географическими названиями (названиями океанов, морей, рек, горных хребтов, частей света и т.д.).The Indian ocean, the Baltic sea, the North, the Thames, the Alps.4. Перед существительными, единственными в своём роде.What is the highest mountain in the world?5.В ряде выражений, таких какin the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, etc.

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