Помогите написать текст на тему” Праздник дня знаний школы”

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помогите написать текст на тему" Праздник дня знаний школы"

  •  The National Day of Knowledge is celebrated in all parts of our country on the 1st of September.Teachers, parents, pupils usually gather at the school yards in the morning of this day They can have different performances or concerts dedicated to The Day Of Knowledge. After that everybody congratulate each other and then pupils and parents give flowers to the teachers to thank them for patience and energy and to congratulate them with this holiday.It also starts the new studying year both in schools and in the institutes or universities. Students and tutors merrily gather at the Assembly Halls to congratulate each other with the beginning of the new studying term.Knowledge is very important in modern life. It helps a person to choose a trade or profession and to be able to work well. Knowledge helps us to be active, useful citizen of our country. Everybody must have great knowledge nowadays.Usefulness and need of knowledge is very important especially for young people in their choosing a profession. It helps them to learn how to work together with other people, to be active in life and to think of others as well as themselves.To prepare well for your practical life and future profession pupils must learn all school subjects, take optional courses read books or magazines on specialized subjects.Knowledge of people, of their daily life, of their work and of their interests helps us to be happy and to become good citizens and patriots of our country.

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