Помогите написать сочинение по англискаму языку на тему – плохая экология

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помогите  написать сочинение по англискаму языку на тему- плохая экология

  • Environment
    Ecology and man Look around you . Right now, take a good look in the window. What do you see ? Azure blue sky overhead , the bright sun that shines on us every day, sparkling white snow ...
    If you look at the nature of what surrounds us, created perfectly and harmoniously around the real beauty is that we sometimes behind a veil of gray everyday life do not even notice . Everything seems to us absolutely ordinary and banal. We live in perfect grace and natural conditions , and takes care of this mother - nature . Think about it , because it has given us everything, absolutely everything you need for life : the air we breathe, the water we drink , the sun is the source of life , the weight that surrounds us, the same houses , clothes and food - it all thanks to her. She constantly gives , gives , gives us cares about humanity as a real loving mother who is ready to give all the children loved . It is worth considering , but what we do in response ? How we respond to her care ?
    Let's fast forward to mentally far back, when there were no plants, factories, cars, computers , high-rise buildings and all the things without which our life now seems to be simply impossible. At that time, people did not know how to extract oil , coal and other minerals , which are now mercilessly pumped out of the earth with incredible speed. That's when people are grateful for nature, plants and animals around him . He cared and gratefully accepted her gifts . And now that we see in our 21st century? .
    Day after day the Earth more and more emptied , giving their wealth to mankind . Every day, pumped millions of tons of oil, natural gas, coal , peat, and other mineral resources . The man simply mercilessly devours them , and yet they do not ever! Every , every day are built factories that poison the atmosphere , releasing into the air , millions of tons of pollutants , without thinking that by doing so we dig a deeper hole . Not only polluted the air. How many rivers , lakes , reservoirs and seas became a victim of emissions of toxic waste. Take, for example , Lake Baikal. This is the burning example of human negligence.

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