Помогите написать сочинение о своей подругена английском языке

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помогите написать  сочинение  о  своей  подруге
на  английском  языке

  • My friend-Моя подруга
    My name is Mary. I’m twelve years old. I want to tell about my best friend. Her name is Ann. We are of the same age and she’s my school-mate. Ann is very beautiful and clever girl. She’s purposeful, hard-working and patient person. She always achieves success and overcomes difficulties. Ann does well at school and she’s high achiever. Her favourite subjects are mathematics and literature. Ann is fond of drawing. She has been going to art school for four years. Also she’s very careful and polite. Ann helps her mother to keep house with pleasure. We like to watch comedies and animated cartoons together. Ann is sociable and cheerful. It is always interesting to talk to her. I can rely on her in hour of need and I know that she’ll help me. Ann is wonderful friend. If we don’t see each other for a short while I miss he

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