Помогите написать сочинение на тему: “Почему я выбрала профессию фармацевта” на английском языке. Очень надо!!!

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Помогите написать сочинение на тему: "Почему я выбрала профессию фармацевта" на английском языке. Очень надо!!!)

  • Everyone knows the expression : "One lechish - other cripples ." To avoid this , universities are medical professionals who need to know what and how the drug . Pharmacist - a specialist in the field of manufacturing , research and sales of drugs. These workers can be found in the pharmacy directly behind the counter. Chief pharmacist called a pharmacist . In other words - this is a connoisseur of pills , powders and potions . And this is the second person on the account, to which we refer when we have bad health . Various episodes from the history of the profession can be traced to the symbolism , which varied for each country , although there are common signs. First come up with drugs long before they learned to write, and because no statements about them did not survive. But the mention of the ancient period healers of various civilizations have survived in large numbers. These dear people are ready to medications known to them of funds. The first scientific research in the field of pharmaceutics Greeks engaged in the IV century BC. e . Their work was continued by the pundits of the mighty Rome. But the division between doctors and pharmacists occurred only in the XIII century Europe. On the territory of the Russian Empire, these experts were called just pharmacists ....

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