Помогите написать рассказ о своей семье кто что делает вечером

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Помогите написать рассказ о своей семье кто что делает вечером.

  • My family consists of five people. This is a mom , dad, and we three sisters: Dasha , Sophia and Pauline . I believe that we have a very big family. We are very friendly , although sometimes there are certainly arguments, especially my sister Sonya.
    My mother 's name is Lilia , her 34 years old, it is now sitting at home on maternity leave with her younger sister Pauline . A father name is Igor , he works as a programmer and he 40 years.
    My name is Dasha I am 11 years old and I am just finishing 4th grade . Soon I will have the outlet to which I am very preparing and looking forward to. My middle name is Sonia 's sister , she is now 8 years old and she finishes 2nd class . For several years we have been together with my sister go to a music school in violin . Sometimes we come up with what some tunes and organize house concerts for mom and dad.
    Little sister and her name is Pauline recently turned a year old , now she sits at home and does not go far without a mother .
    My family and I are very fond of nature and animals, so the country are trying to shelter all . Now we are living : a goat Masha and Mike , two kids , a dog and a cat, hamster, there is still a boy.
    Our mother is very fond of the procedure , so it has distributed household duties between me and my sister . I am responsible for the shoes and floors, and Sonya for the dishes. In addition, we made ​​a schedule when and who is responsible for maintaining order in a particular room. Otherwise , we begin to argue , and my mother is upset .
    I wish my family was kind, caring , intelligent and strong , never had quarrels over nothing , so we were always together and never hurt . I am proud that my mom and dad did not smoke or drink and really want in other families too, this has never happened before . I dream of a world in which there was no drugs, sick children and the poor. I'll try to help in the future, my mom and dad when they are little old . But I really do not want them to grow old . I love my family and I want to be always united .

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